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Men's Club

The Juniper Men’s Club (JMC) is an inclusive group of local men which aims to provide enjoyable and challenging golf to our members of all skill levels.  The club currently enjoys a block of morning tee times all week long, with the exception of Wednesdays and Special Event days.  Each Thursday is officially Men’s day where all teams are selected by computer to compete in the weekly tournament.  Informal games are held on other weekdays with teams selected by a simple ball drop.  Normally, we contribute $2 to a payout pot each day for informal games and $3 to $5 for our Thursday tournaments. 

JMC participates in “home-and home” tournaments throughout the season with other Men’s Golf Clubs.  Currently, those clubs include Sunriver, Eagle Crest, Crooked River Ranch and Creekside (Salem). Club dues are only $30 which includes a great breakfast at the season “Opener” and a Steak dinner at the “Closer”.  Come join our group of guys who always get to play golf on the number one rated municipal golf course in the State of Oregon.