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Men's Club Info

2016 Schedule of Events

April 7  Season Opener w/breakfast   
May 19 Step Aside Scramble Scramble.  Cannot use a player two shots in a row.
May 24 Home & Home @ Crooked River Ranch
May 26 Home & Home - CRR @ Juniper Contact Kip Gerke to sign up.
June 2 1-2-3 Waltz Count scores per hole as indicated on card. (1 net ball, 2 net balls, 3 net balls, 1 net ball, etc.)
June 9 6-6-6 Hole 1-6 Schamble, Holes 7-12 Scramble, Holes 13-18 Three Net.
June 14 Home & Home @ Sunriver
June 16 Home & Home - Sunriver Here
June 23 Partners Left/Right After drive, two most left are partners, two most right are partners.  Score one net from each pair.
June 30 Red/White/Blue  Play Par 3's from the green tees, Play Par4's from the white tees and plaly Par 5's from the red tees.  Count 2 net on the even holes and three net on the odd holes.
 July 7 Pink Plus 1  Pink ball rotates per card.  Count pink ball plus one net score.
 July 14 Chapman  Pick your partner.  Handicap spread <11.  Both hit tee shot, hit partners ball on second shot;  chose ball in play, then play alternate shot to the hole.  Handicap = 40% of high and 60% of low.  Sign up for teams.
July 21
One Net
July 28 Eagle Crest H&H @ Juniper
August 4 Four Club  Only four clubs allowed (including putter).
August 11 Red Tee Stableford
August 18 Scramble - Pink Ball  Lone Star plays pink ball; other three scramble.  Lose pink ball = DQ.
 August 25  Two Net  Two net of foursome.
 September 1 Pronghorn Home & Home @ Juniper
September 8 Civil War Match  Duck vs. Beavers.  Match Play.  Pick an opponent if you wish.
September 15 1-2-3 Waltz  Count scores per hole as indicated on card. (1 net ball, 2 net balls, 3 net balls, 1 net ball, etc.)
September 22 Stableford  Count all scores.
September 29 Two Man Alternate Shot  Team choses player to tee off on odd numbered holes and other player tees off even numbered holes. Alternate shot until holed.
October 6 Championship  Round One.  Gross and Net.  White tees.
October13 Championship  Reflight for final round.
October 19 Awbrey Glen Home & Home @ Awbrey Glen Two Net Balls of Foursome
Oct 20  Men's Season Closer w/Closing Dinner  
October 27 Awbrey Glen Home & Home @ Juniper Two Net Ball of Foursome


Minutes of Juniper Men’s Club (JMC) meeting at closing dinner and Subsequent Board Meeting held 10-15-15

  • Following the closing dinner, a short meeting was opened by Mike Montgomery amongst the 40 attending members.
  • The following members were recognized for their volunteerism and service to the Men's Club:
    • Kip Gerke - Home & Home coordinator
    • Scott Martin - Home & Home coordinator
    • Clint Mooers - Home & Home coordinator
    • Bruce Wattenburger - Home & Home coordinator and Thursday games
    • Mike Montgomery - Home & Home coordinator and Club President
    • Jim Flaherty - Thursday game coordinator
    • Lynn Kurth - Thursday game coordinator
    • Ed Allumbaugh - Service to the club as Treasurer
  • The following members were given the following awards:
    • Clint Mooers - Men's Club Champion (Gross)
    • Dave King - Men's Club Champion (Net)
    • Harvey Cameron - Most Improved Golfer
  • Nominations were requested for replacing Mike Montgomery and Richard Thurston as outgoing Board Members.  Subsequently, Ken Johnson and Harvey Cameron were nominated and elected as new board members.
  • Ed Allumbaugh (Treasurer) provided a financial report and earlier passed out yearly winnings in excess of $2000.
  • With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
  • Lee Harlow (CourseCo Manager) thanked club members and volunteers for their patronage and service.


A Juniper Men's Club Board meeting was opened by outgoing president Mike Montgomery immediately after the closing dinner.  The new Board consists of Ed Allumbaugh, Kip Gerke, Ken Johnson, Scott Martin and Harvey Cameron.

  • The new board elected Ken Johnson as President and retained Kip Gerke as Vice President and Ed Allumbaugh as Treasurer.
  • It was agreed that $30 dues were appropriate and would be retained for next year.
  • Bruce Wattenburger discussed the possibility of haveing the pro-shop assist in running the Thursday games.  He cautioned us about the problems of the pro-shop handling money due to preserving everyone's amateur status.  Bruce also mentioned that some of these decisions may be premature in light of the current management negotiations.
  • It was agreed that having all the Thursday games listed on the website was an improvement and should be continued.
  • With the departure of Jim Flaherty and Lynn Kurth running the Thursday games, it was recognized that we should consider sharing the responsibility in the future and ask for volunteers to take over short stints.
  • All the home and home coordinators agreed to volunteer again for next years events.
  • With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Questions regarding the Juniper Men's Club should be directed to Ken Johnson. 

Ken's Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Minutes submitted by

Mike Montgomery
Past President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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